Beach Shortcut
Shortest distance to the Beach by bike or walking

The path described below goes along a closed road. So, if you follow some maps including Yahoo!, you can  follow
along. Go to the RENTING button above, then select LOCATION from the left menu and click on the map hyperlink to
see the path we're going along.
First, go back out of the community to Muddy Neck Road. Take a LEFT on the road heading towards Bethany
Beach. You will go over Assawoman Canal as seen below.
As you continue over the bridge, there will be a tennis court on the right followed by a gravel area (see
picture below on left).  Pull into the gravel area and look for the trail entrance to the left of the tennis
court. Go on down the trail as seen below on the right picture.
As you go down the trail (left picture below), you will come to the end of the trail and see the South out
to Route 1 (Coastal Highway.)  Take a right on to Route 1.
Continue along Route 1 until you leave Middlesex and reach a cross-walk. Go across Route 1 and
down one of the numbered roads (Like N 6th Street.) This will lead you an entry area to the beach.