Renters Page
Information for our Guests

Just before your rental begins, we provide you with a welcome packet containing a variety of information including:
  • Welcome Letter with all kinds of helpful hints including:
  • Operating instructions for dishwasher, washer/dryer and other appliances
  • Where to find things in the townhouse and how they work
  • Pool hours
  • Instructions for checkout
  • Lists of provided items and suggested items to bring
  • Directions from various points (the set coming from the DC area includes stores, gas stations, and
    restaurants available along the way by mileage and exit)
  • Local Directions from the Townhouse to:
  • Closest Doctor, Emergency Facility, and Pharmacy
  • Close by stores, and restaurants including downtown Bethany Beach
  • Options for getting to the beach along with all the details on parking
  • Stores and attractions to the North and South along the Coastal Highway with mileages
  • Shortcut to the beach for walking or bike riding (complete with photos of key landmarks)
  • Side-trip on the shortcut to McDonalds

to get the latest (and help out if you leave the papers at home!)