Local Directions
Getting Around Town (2015 version)

Here's some quick directions to find places from our townhouse.  (Note these are for the summer and some places close during
the off-season.)

Getting to the Grocery Stores, 24 Hour Urgent Care, and More

  • Take a Left out of the driveway onto Waterside Drive
  • Take a Right out of the Community onto Muddy Neck Road
  • Continue on the road and the name changes to West Avenue
  • There is a Local Produce Stand on the right at 1.3 mi
  • There is a CVS at the corner of West Ave and Rt 26
  • To get to the Royal Farms gas station, go through the CVS parking lot.

When you get to the traffic light (2.1 miles from the townhouse):

Take a left onto Route 26:
  • The Dickens Parlour Theatre is on the right before the Food Lion and Urgent Care http://www.dptmagic.com/
  • The Food Lion is on the right at 3.2 miles
  • The Family Practice facility is in a stand-alone building just before the Food Lion at the same turn.
  • The Giant Superstore is on the left along with Subway, Fractured Prune (specialty donuts), restaurant, and the Fox’s Pizza
    Den in the stand-alone building by the bank. The Giant has a RedBox for video rentals.
  • If you continue on past these stores, there is a Hockers Grocery Store that includes a hardware store, gas station and
    convenience store further out to the West.

Take a right onto Route 26:
  • The Ocean View Diner is immediately on the right
  • A little further on the left is a shopping center with Papa Johns Pizza, UPS Store and a great little restaurant called The
    Northeast Seafood Kitchen http://www.northeastseafoodkitchen.com/

Go straight across Route 26:
  • A nice playground will be on the left in the Ocean View park
  • If you continue until you reach Central Ave, take a right onto Central Ave, the G&E Grocery Store and Hardware stores are a
    little further along followed by the James Farm Ecological Preserve http://www.inlandbays.org/visit-us-james-farm-
  • Continue to the end of the street for an all-you-can-eat Sunday buffet at the American Legion – great view of the inlet (check
    newspapers to confirm dates and times)

Side Note: Muddy Neck Road becomes West Avenue if you take a right out of the community and becomes Kent Avenue if you
take a Left.

Directions to closest beach parking that is part of Bethany Beach

  • Take a Left out of the driveway onto Waterside Drive
  • Take a Left instead out of the Community onto Muddy Neck Road
  • Go over the bridge that spans Assawoman Canal and the road name changes to Kent Ave.
  • (Notice that there is a Boat Ramp on the right after the bridge)
  • Go Straight at the first Traffic Light for West Way.
  • (This road is also a shortcut to Route 1 South.  However, it’s a Private Road for Sea Colony homes)
  • Take a Right onto the next road for Jefferson Bridge Road
  • At the next traffic light, go straight over Route 1
  • (On the far right corner is Mickey’s Crabhouse http://www.mickeysfamilycrabhouse.com/  
  • Note that there is a Walgreen’s Pharmacy next to the Holiday Inn. There is a gas station and fast food on the far left corner.
  • The road will end at a T intersection. Take a Left onto N. Pennsylvania Ave. (You can take a right to get to another CVS)
  • At the next street, take a Right onto Cedarwood Street.
  • The street ends in a metered parking lot. There are also meters back on Pennsylvania Ave. You can turn left just before the
    parking lot onto South Atlantic and there are other parking lots next to the beach. The access point at Parkwood Drive is at
    the end of the Boardwalk and furthest from downtown for lighter parking.

(If you continue going on Pennsylvania Ave or Atlantic, you will end up at Downtown Bethany Beach. For more direct routes to
the downtown area, see our other directions below.)

Parking is paid by the use of Pay Stations in place of meters for most areas downtown. These accept quarters and credit
cards in order to get a receipt that is displayed in the dashboard. In addition, there is a mobile phone app available at http://us.
parkmobile.com/ which makes it much easier to park (and pay for parking without going back to the car!)

The unexpired time is valid at other metered locations. However, you can only use Pay Stations located on Garfield Parkway
to park on that street.

You can get all the details on parking in Bethany Beach at http://www.townofbethanybeach.com/index.asp?NID=219

Other places of interest to the South:

If you take a Right onto Route 1 (Coastal Highway) instead of going straight at the stop light, you are heading towards Fenwick
Island and Ocean City, MD. Speed limits in South Bethany are strictly and actively enforced.

Here are some other businesses and places nearby:

  • There is a Bakery, Bike Rental, Donut and Bagel Shop on the Right (approx. 1.7 miles from the townhouse)
  • CVS in on the left side of the street. (One more RedBox.)
  • Cottage Café family restaurant is on the right at 1.8 miles.  
  • The Sea Colony Plaza has small shops and restaurants at 1.9 miles on the right
  • There is a Subway sandwich shop and Dollar General store on the right at 2.2 miles
  • A McDonalds is on the right (sorry, didn’t get the mileage.)
  • Continue another .8 miles for a Grotto Pizza on the right.
  • Next to Grotto Pizza is a Made by Hand store with wonderful fair-trade goods
  • There is Fenwick Island State Park ($8 a day) on the Left with a guarded beach, concession stand and bath house (http:
    //www.destateparks.com/fenwick/fisp.asp) about 3 miles after the McDonalds and an Information Center another .3 miles
    after the Park on the left.  (According to the booth attendant, get in to Fenwick by 10 am on weekends or you will have to wait
    in line.  There is usually no wait during the week.  Having concessions and restrooms nearby is a strong incentive to go
    here – especially with young children. There are also state parks to the North with bath houses.)

Keep going past Fenwick and you are on your way to Ocean City with blocks of beaches, movie theater, miniature golf galore,
and the amusement park and Boardwalk.

Alternate Nearby Beach

Follow the same directions as above for places of interest to the South. After you pass the McDonalds on the right and the
Middlesex private beaches on the left, there are public beaches on the left in the South Bethany area.  You will need to take
the right onto Evergreen Road first to stop by the Town Hall for the Daily Pass. (No meters – passes only.)

Getting to Downtown Bethany Beach

  • Take a Left out of the driveway onto Waterside Drive
  • Take a Left out of the Community onto Muddy Neck Road
  • Go over the bridge that spans Assawoman Canal and the road name changes to Kent Ave.
  • Continue on Kent Avenue until it ends at the stop light for Route 26 (Garfield Parkway)
  • Take a right onto Route 26
  • Go straight at the next light for Route 1 and you’ll pass the Totem Pole for Bethany Beach.
  • The Town Hall and Police Department are immediately on the right.
  • Careful at the 4-way stops and watch for pedestrians.
  • All the spots are metered and actively enforced.
  • If you go all the way to the end, the Boardwalk is straight ahead along with Public Restrooms.

There are too many shopping places to go over right now. There are the gift shops, kite store, candy stores, restaurants, and
boardwalk fries in Downtown along with some places right on the Boardwalk.

However, we particularly enjoy the Happy Hours ½ price food specials at the Baja Beach House Grill which is on the North side
of Garfield Parkway (http://www.bajabeachhouse.com/).

We’ve also gone to Five Guys for burgers cooked to order and free peanuts  (http://www.fiveguys.com/images/F.G.E.

The Bethany Beach Town Center has the typical beach type stores and food places plus a restaurants, crepe restaurant and
an arcade upstairs.

Mango’s (http://www.mangomikes.com/Pages/Mangoshome.html) is on the North side of Garfield Parkway right next to the
Boardwalk and overlooks the Boardwalk and Beach.  

Just West of Bethany

  • If you take a left onto Route 26 (away from Bethany), there are a few other shops of interest.
  • Go .5 miles west and there is a Gas station, Wawa, Tropican Sub (beach stuff), Sea Needles sewing and knitting store and
    a Chinese carry-out on the left.
  • The Bethany Beach Nature Center is on the right
  • http://www.inlandbays.org/visit-us-bethany-beach-nature-center/
  • At .6 miles from Kent and 26, there is a Grotto’s Pizza (with game center) on the right.
  • A Papa John’s is at 1.4 miles on the right along with the Northeastern Restaurant
  • Ocean View Deli is on the left at 1.5 miles
  • And you can take a left at the traffic light onto West Avenue to head back to Waterside.

North of Bethany Beach

If you follow the directions to downtown Bethany Beach and take a Left onto Route 1 instead of going into Downtown Bethany
Beach, you are headed towards Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach.  Below is the mileage from the intersection of Routes 26
and Route 1 along with some points of interest (there are many more restaurants and stores than I could write down quickly):
  • 1.0 on Left – Blue Coast Fresh Fish
  • 3.4 on Right – Seaside Grill
  • 4.6 on Right (before bridge) – Delaware Seashore Park (fee based) with bathhouse
  • 5.5 on Left – Indian River Marina
  • 6.8 on Right – Indian River Lifesaving Museum
  • 9.7 on Right – Tower Road beach and bathhouse (fees?)
  • 10.2 – Dewey Beach City limits with bars and restaurants
  • 11.8 on Left – Gas station
  • 12.1 on Right – Gas station
  • 12.3 on Left – Mini-golf
  • 13.4 on right – Outback Steakhouse (turn at light for CVS for access road)
  • 13.6 on Left – Tanger Outlets – Bayside Mall and an IHOP
  • 13.9 on Right – Tanger Outlets – Seaside Mall
  • 14.1 on Right – Kmart
  • 14.5 on Left – Sea Shell Shop and mini-golf
  • There are now various stand-alone outlet stores on both sides of the road
  • 15.0 on Left – WalMart and a bunch of fast food places
  • 15.5 on Left – McDonalds
  • 15.8 on Left – Burger King
  • 16.0 on Left – Tanger Outlets – Midway Mall and a Steak House on the Right
  • 16.2 on Right – Movie Theatres
  • 17.5 on Left – Japanese Restaurant and Home Depot
  • 18.0 on Left – Route 404/9 West towards Bay Bridge