Welcome Letter
Information Packet

About two weeks before your stay begins, we e-mail an Information Packet with a Welcome Letter, Directions to the townhouse,
and directions from the house to the local attractions.  Below is the 2016 version of the Welcome Letter.

Our standard set of stuff to know

The phone number for the townhouse is XXX-XXX-XXXX and the street address is 38903 Bay Point Lane, Frankford, DE, 19945.
Please use calling cards or personal cell phones for long-distance calls.

When using the combination lock, you first press the Schlage button at the top. Then enter the code, XXXX, and it should start
flashing. Pull the door handle towards you and twist the knob just below the key pad clockwise.  Push the door open. When
leaving, push the Schlage button and twist the knob counter-clockwise to lock.

The stuffed snakes on the loft rail in the entry way are friendly and is our son’s greeter. Please feel free to take them down if he is
not as well appreciated by your family.

When you are out and about, try to pick up a copy of the Coastal Point and Wave – two free weekly newspapers with lots of good
information, calendars, and coupons.

Assorted travel brochures, maps and guide books are in the wood bookcase next to the dining room. Please return them when
you are done with your visit for use by our next guests.  

We have a hose next to the front porch so you can wash off sandy feet (and other body parts) before going in. If you use the hose,
please turn it off using the faucet right next to the front door. If you use the long hose from the garage, please be sure to return it to
the garage when done.

Trash can needs to be moved about 3 yards away from the house on when you leave on Monday.

Recycling can needs to be moved about 3 yards away from the house on MONDAY night.  (Recycling is only picked up every 2

Pool is unguarded and available from 9am – 9 pm using the Pool Pass hanging by the Front Door. Please respect the adult swim
hours from 7am-9am so no children under 18 during this time.  Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a
responsible adult. Glass in any form is prohibited in the pool area and people are asked to put refuse in the appropriate disposal
containers. Restrooms are available just outside the pool access gate. Please be sure to leave the passes in the townhouse
when you finish your vacation.

Dishwasher typically runs over 2 hours even on the Smart Wash setting. (This is normal)

The refrigerator includes a filtered, cold water dispenser inside.  Please do not leave food in the refrigerator or freezer when you
leave as it will be discarded. Also, please do not adjust the temperature settings or leave the freezer door open for extended

There are condiments in the cabinets you can use as needed and add to if you don’t want to take something home. You may want
to bring your own to make sure you have your preferred items.

The Toaster Oven works great for all kinds of cooking – except toast.  Use the toaster for that.  Toaster Oven burns toast easily,
toaster is the other extreme.

The Washer/Dryer has All mightypacs for laundry detergent. Place one tablet in the tub for each load – do not place it in the
dispenser drawer. The washer can be filled but not stuffed. The dryer works best if the laundry closet door is left ajar for air flow.  
There is also a drying rack in the garage wall if you don’t have enough clothes for a load. Once you are done with the washer,
please leave the door open for a while to dry out.

The TVs use two remotes and there are detailed instructions to make them easy to use. Check out Channel 2 – The Beach
Channel for more local information.

Gas grill needs to be used over protective mat – please do not move so it is against the railing. If you use the grill, please be sure
to get the gas turned off and put the cover back on only when the grill has cooled.  If the gas runs out, a tank exchange can be
done at the Food Lion or contact us for the location of a spare tank. Let us know and we’ll credit your account for cost of the
Gas Fireplace can be used but be sure to keep little hands away from the glass. There is an emergency cut-off in the garage.  
(Please do not turn it off except for an emergency.)  

Thermostats are on each level and display the current temperature. Push the up or down button once to find the current setting
and adjust the setting.  There are ceiling fans throughout the house to help with air movement.

Fire extinguishers are provided in the kitchen next to the refrigerator and upstairs under the bathroom sink.  In case of fire, call 9-1-
1 and get everyone out with a gathering place in front by the trees along the pond. If you have children, please review the
procedures when you arrive and go over escape routes.

Bikes can be used at your own risk and with your own helmets. (According to Delaware State Law helmets are required under the
age of 18.) There are 2 tri-cycles, 2 mid-size “girls” and 2 “boys” bikes, 4 coaster style adult bikes, an adult trike with basket, and
an original tandem bike (we haven’t cleaned up the rust but it is functional).  The Burlee has some stains and is faded but can be
used.  The blue trailer is set up to be a stroller. We also have a bike padlock with a key on a lanyard. The combination for the other
lock is written on the wall in the garage by the fuse box.

The computer upstairs has Internet access and a printer for limited printing.  Please remember that it is a shared resource so do
not save user names/passwords or go to Adult content web sites. Use the “Visitor” login and the password “Waterside” to access
the system. The wireless device is “Eagles Rest” and the passcode for the router is XXXXXXXXXXXX which can also be found on
the bottom of the device.

For the shortcut to the beach by walking/riding a bike, check out the web page at http://www.bethanybeachtownhouse.
com/shortcut.html along with directions to walk/ride to McDonalds.

Please be sure to review the community rules on the website at http://www.bethanybeachtownhouse.com/renters.html - they are
also posted on the refrigerator. The web site also has the information sheets for the TV remotes and Cable Channel listings (in
case they are not next to the TVs). This link also has other useful information.

Nightlight bulbs and replacement light bulbs are available in the desk.  There are additional child-proofing supplies in the desk
and the gates for the stairs are in the garage.

First Aid kit is provided in the upstairs bathroom under the sink. If you need to use it, please be sure to replace any used items
and return it to the cabinet for our next guests.

Furnishings such as chairs, tables, beds, sofas, and couch need to be treated with care so they will last. While we realize you are
on vacation, we ask that your family use the same household rules so there is minimal breakage and damage.

Beds include 2 Queens, 2 twin beds, one twin trundle bed and one double pull-out bed (in the loft). The upstairs Queen mattress
is extra thick and not all Queen-sized sheets fit well. Personally, we use a set of King-sized sheets to fit more easily.  Also, there is
a privacy screen behind the door from the upstairs loft to the Master bedroom if you do use the pull-out bed.  There is an extra
mattress pad in a compartment under the sofa to be used with the pull-out bed.  Reminder – we do not provide linens or towels.

The white spots on the blue comforter in the front bedroom and on the foot rest in the living room will not come out. You do not
need to try and get them out.

Through the woods is the Assawoman canal with a rough path alongside it. Remember to check for ticks after any excursions in
the woods (here or at the local state parks).  Once away from the breeze, mosquito repellent is a good idea.

Note that it is not allowed to hang wet clothing from the outside railings. There are hooks on the back deck wall for drying along
with a rack in the garage.

The children furniture (picnic tables and chairs) on the back deck cannot be left out on the grass. This is a common area and is
mowed every Monday.

The dining room light has a dimmer control that slides up and down next to the switch. (Useful to know if the light seems really
dim.)  To make the table longer, the end of the table can be pulled apart to get the leaves out from their hiding place.

Please no smoking in the townhouse.

Some things we have at the beginning of the season:
Assorted games and puzzles (be sure to also check in front closet)
Badminton set
Croquet set
Couple of balls
Boogie boards
All manner of kitchen pots, pans, silverware, glasses, etc. (Some of the pots are in the drawer under the stove.)
Vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies
Beach pail and shovel
Trash bags  (13 gal kitchen trash bags)
Laundry detergent
Dishwasher soap
Iron and board in the downstairs bedroom closet

Some things you need to provide:
Sheets and mattress pads (mattresses are covered by high-quality, waterproof, hypo-allergenic covers)
Bath and Beach Towels
Extra towels to use as bathmats
Mosquito repellent
Sun screen lotion
Hand/bath soap and shampoo
Dish towels  
Beach furniture, blankets, toys, etc. (Beach umbrellas can be rented at various places along the beach)
Bike Helmets
Paper products - Toilet paper, Napkins, Paper towels and Tissues
Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and staple kitchen items (salt, pepper, etc. – there may be some but bring the ones you use most
Paper plates and plastic silverware (if desired)
Cold-item condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc.)
Quarters for parking meters
Non-stick mats for the bath tub if concerned about slipping (especially if bathing young children)

Note: We have some toilet paper rolls, tissues and paper towels in the garage in case you run out. Since we cannot re-stock
during the season, please buy some for your own use.

When you leave, please be sure to:
clean the house “broom clean”
empty trashcans
run the dishwasher, wash the large pots/pans and put everything away
return furniture to the original location
check that the pool passes and bike key are hanging by the door
write a note in our Guest book
take a last look for personal belongings
Lock the front door and make sure the sliding glass door is locked

Remember that check-out is no later than 10 am to avoid late departure fees.