Guest Comments

Like many vacation rentals, we have a Guest Book where notes are left about the time spent in Bethany Beach. Below are some
of the comments we have received plus a link to comment on FlipKey:

"We had a wonderful break, and enjoyed your warm and inviting house. We enjoyed the pool nearby and our four year old
son loved the frogs and geese and the jungle gym at the entrance of Bethany Beach."

"The boys loved your home the minute they walked in. It didn't take them long to discover the loft, the frog pond, and the
bikes in the garage. Thanks for providing so many conveniences. You've thought of everything."

"It was a great week here at Eagles Rest - most lovely accommodations we've ever rented...We'd love to come again - all
of the personal touches added to the pleasure of your townhouse."

My two friends and I got to go away for the weekend (without our young boys), It’s a nice time of year to go Outlet
Shopping.  We had lunch at Arena Deli in Rehoboth and The Big Grill for dinner. What a treat!  Thanks for letting us stay at
your warm and inviting home. (February)

Your beach house was perfect and very nicely decorated. My family had a wonderful week. …We all have special
memories we will take home and cherish always. We were very impressed with your home and hope to visit again.

We really enjoyed our stay this week at your lovely beach home. Everything was very comfortable in this house, especially
the sitting area downstairs with no TV.  Our boys, ages 4 and 5, really enjoyed the beach, the pool, mini-golf, and the trip to
Cape Henlopen State Park. Thanks for having us and we would like to visit again.

Thanks so much for the lovely weekend. You offer some very sweet touches in your townhouse – the fireplace, and lava
lamp and tandem bike to name a few. And the layout of space seems to allow for a variety of simultaneous activities.

We had a great time at your place and found it to be exceptional accommodations for our vacation.  

Your beach was just awesome.....we had great time and felt like home.....must say you guys have taken a lot of effort in
putting up such a lovely place

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