Standard Summer Rental Agreement

We want to be up front with our potential renters so we've provided the rental agreement here. Please note that it is subject to
change without notice.  The current version will be e-mailed to you for signature along with an confirmation.

1. CHECK-IN TIME IS AFTER 2 P.M. NO Early Check-ins. The cleaner, owner or owner representative may access the unit until 8
pm the day of your arrival for cleaning and/or repairs if necessary. Any issues with the property or cleaning must be reported to the
owner by 8 pm or the unit is considered acceptable as-is.  We will then make a reasonable attempt to correct the issue.
2. CHECK-OUT IS 10 am. All personal belongings must be removed from the premises by this time and the renter may not re-
enter the unit. Leaving the premises after 10 am may incur a $25 service charge with an additional $25 charge for every ½ hour
3. This is a NON SMOKING unit.
4. Pets are not permitted in the unit.
5. Renter must provide linens, towels, and paper goods as we do not provide these.
6. The telephone is provided for local calls only. Long distance must be charged to a credit card, calling card, or collect.
7. Parking space is limited to three personal vehicles. Please contact us if you have a trailer or large RV. The garage is currently
used for storage and bikes and is not available for vehicles.
8. Issues, problems, or equipment malfunction should be reported to the owner as soon as possible. We will then make a
reasonable attempt to correct the problem if possible.
9. We will notify you of any Lost and found items discovered during the cleaning. It is the renter's responsibility to cover shipping
costs for their return or make arrangements to pick them up within two weeks. A handling fee of $10 is charged on shipped items
to pay the cleaning staff for making the necessary arrangements.
10. While we will work to make any bikes we have on-site operational and safe, it is the responsibility of the renter to check the
bikes before use.  Helmets are not provided and must be brought by the renter. According to Delaware State Law, helmets are
required under the age of 18. Bikes are used at the renters and their guests own-risk.
11. DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT- A damage/reservation deposit of $200 is
required for all new rentals. For rentals through a TripAdviser site, this deposit is collected with a full payment or the second
payment for split payments. For direct rentals (those not booked through a TripAdviser site), this deposit must be received either
by the date specified in the confirmation letter or within fourteen (14) days of booking the reservation. The deposit automatically
converts to a security/damage deposit upon arrival. Deposits for direct rentals are returned with fourteen (14) day while
TripAdviser site rental deposits are returned to the guest in accordance with their policy. The deposit is NOT applied toward rent
and is fully refundable provided the following provisions are met.
a. No damage is done to unit or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.  The renter is responsible for all damages that occur
during their stay including any costs above and beyond the security deposit amount and legal fees to recover the damage costs.
b. No charges are incurred due to contraband, pets, smoking or collection of rents or
services rendered during the stay.
c. All debris, rubbish and discards are removed from the house and placed in outside container, and soiled dishes are placed in
the dishwasher and cleaned.
d. The unit is left broom clean and all furniture and various household items (such as dishes and glasses, games, puzzles,
bikes, toys, books, stuffed animals, VCR tapes, DVDs, lamps, carts, etc.) are returned to the location it was at the start of your stay.
(Additional cleaning services are charged at $25 per half hour.)
e. Bedspreads replaced after removing your linens.
f. All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.
g. The renter vacates the premises prior to the designated check-out time.
h. The renter is not evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner), community association property manager, or the local
law enforcement.
I. The renter complies with all provisions and restrictions of the rental agreement.
12. PAYMENT - An advance payment equal to 50% of the rental rate is required received either by the date specified or within
fourteen (14) days of booking the reservation. The advance payment will be applied toward the room rent. Please make payments
either in the form of traveler's checks, bank money orders, cashier check or personal checks payable to Michael S. Reep or
through the completion of a credit card transaction via PayPal or a TripAdviser site. The advance payment is not a damage
deposit. The BALANCE OF RENT is due thirty (30) days before your arrival date.
13. CANCELLATIONS – In accordance with TripAdviser cancellation policies, a 50% refund of the total cost is issued if the
cancellation is at least four weeks before check-in.  A 25% refund of the total cost is issued if the cancellation is at least two
weeks before check-in  Early departure does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit.
14. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY- The maximum number of guests for the townhouse is limited to seven (7) persons without advance
approval. An additional charge of $30.00 per person per night for guests in addition to seven (7) will be assessed.
15. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS - Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment,
deposit and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in.
16. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS - Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.
17 RENTAL GROUPS: We do not rent to vacationing students or groups of singles under 25 years of age unless accompanied for
the entire rental period by an adult 25 years old or older.
18. HURRICANE OR STORM POLICY - No refunds will be given for storms or hurricanes unless:
a. The National Weather Service or state officials order a mandatory or voluntary evacuation in a Tropical Storm/Hurricane Warning
area or Tropical Storm/Hurricane Watch area.
b. The day that the order is given, we will refund:
1. Any unused portion of rent from a guest currently registered,
2 Any unused portion of rent from a guest that is scheduled to arrive, and wants to shorten their stay, to come in after the
evacuation order is lifted; or
3. Any advance rents collected or deposited for a reservation that is scheduled to arrive during the evacuation period.
a. The renter shall use the property for residential purposes only and may not assign, sublease, or use the property for
commercial purposes.
b. Renter shall keep the Property in clean and sanitary condition at all times. Renter and any additional permitted guests shall
refrain from loud noise and shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbors, nor shall renter use the Property for
any immoral, offensive or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law, association rules or ordinance, nor commit waste or nuisance
on or about the Property.
c. The renter and their guests agrees that the owner or successors will not be held liable or responsible in any way for any
injuries, accidents, theft, loss, damages, claims, liabilities, legal fees, or other incidents that may be suffered upon the premises
or area. The renter assumes all liability for any accidents regarding their children or the children of their guests.
d. Renter understands that they do not have exclusive possession and control of the unit during their stay.  The owner or owner
representative may inspect or access the premises at any time with reasonable notice and time of day.
e. Televisions, VCRs, stereos, DVD players, microwave, bikes, small appliances and other amenities are provided in an as-is
condition as a courtesy and we cannot guarantee their operation during the renters stay.
f. The owner does not operate the community pool and is not responsible for the operating hours or closures. The renter and their
guests agrees to follow all posted rules and regulations and that the owner and community association will not be held liable or
responsible in any way for any injuries, accidents, theft, loss, or other incidents suffered upon the pool premises or community
property. Failure due to abide by the pool rules may result in loss of pool access and the security deposit.
g. Failure of the renter, or their guests, to abide by the community rules and regulations may result in forfeit of the full rental
amount (including security deposit) and immediate eviction from the premises.
h. If any legal action is necessary, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement from the other party for all costs incurred.
i. Renter agrees that all personal property, furnishings, personal effects and other items brought into the Property by renter or their
permitted guests and visitors shall be at the sole risk of renter with regard to any theft, damage, destruction or other loss and
owner shall not be responsible or liable for any reason whatsoever.
j. Staying in the unit conveys full acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

                                                                                                                                                                      (updated 1/7/17)
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